September 15

Wondering when I’ll be able to let this day will go by without remembering.


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We are on our way!

Brandy Lewis – Sent from my Palm Pre

Not # 1

I’m so sick of competition, of the “do what ever it takes” mentality.

I may be the only person in the world who feels this way, it seems so when I try to explain it to others.

I always strive to do my best, I want those on my metaphoric teams to do well. But I’m not a failure if someone eles does well or even better than I do. Just as I am not a winner when I happen to achieve more than they do.

I understand that every company & every person must seek to improve. I just don’t think that self serving competition that belittles others is the best way to go about it.

I guess I’m still just a freak …

Missing my friend ….

My Scrapblog

I’d like to shoot the person who started the rumor that online courses are fast, convenient and easy ….

I took this online SAE renewal course and it is the slowest thing since crippled turtles!

Its like sitting very still and watching a single ant cross 100 ft, over and over again

Ugh … next time I’ll just take a real class


New Job Joy!

This calls for a blog post!

I got a call for a job interview about 2 weeks ago off of my resume (which I have kept up and periodically updated for 2+ years now (thank you Casey for teaching me to always be looking)). I had recently revised it, so I guess that helped. Anyways, I got this call and when in to the company’s office (I don’t want to revel any names online, since 1) I haven’t started it yet, and 2) don’t know any of their company policies yet) 2 days later.

I felt I interviewed well at the time, but after the fact I nerves got me and I figured I must have bombed it. Then I got a call asking be to come work with them. I am so excited, from what I can see so far, this company is everything the current company I am at its not is so many ways.

One it is actually growing, and is profitable. Two it is tech savvy and very modern. Three the other people in the office are age-wise closer to being my peers (late 20s to mid 40s) versus the current group that is late 30s to late 50s (some probably older, but I won’t presume). It has been a long time since i have worked with people close to my age, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it really can be.

The other exciting part a about it is I will be actually involved in transactions again, dealing with actual real estate, rather than being totally on the sidelines watching and filing. Granted, I will not be selling, listing, or prospecting, but I will be handling the inner workings and marketing and much more I am sure. One day I hope to go back to selling, but right now its not practical for me. I need a steady income, and some structure. But in this company there is real room to grow and move around, possibly into selling if that’s what I want later.

Wish me luck!

So I have my notice in and one week left to work out my old job (which has already approached me about working every other weekend to help them stay caught up). We announced my resignation at today’s office meeting. The next week is going to be mad with trying to tie loose ends, and train relief workers, create new manuals all the things I do.

Right now at home I am taking my online sae course to renew my license, and will be getting finger printed tomorrow. I cant wait!

In other news – we’ll be leaving in 2 weeks for my granny’s 90th birthday party! It should be a really big event, and I wish I could stay longer, and would have except for that will be the week I start the new job.

The kids last day of school is today and its a little sad because 3 of Rowan’s teachers (1primary teacher, 1 aid and 1 speech teacher) will all be gone next year. Nothing I can do or buy could show these special ladies how much what they have done has meant to us. Next year will be lonely w/o them.

I am missing my Francesca today, this week etc … wishing I had her her to celebrate ………….