So today (Saturday, 10-13-12) will mark a week since I started trying to quit smoking. Not totally there yet, but I’m working on it. Wearing a nicotine patch and I have cut down to less than 8 cigarettes a day. Yes, I know your not suppose to smoke with the patch on, but the patch only provides the nicotine for a pack a day habit and I guess my habit was a little stronger than that.  I am smoking less and less and hopefully will cut it completely out by  November. That is the goal anyways. I haven’t told my son because I don’t want to get his hopes up to high, but I did tell my grandma that I am trying and it made her happy.  When I sat down and looked at my life trying to figure out what I could accomplish in a year or less to make her proud, it was the only thing I could think of.


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